CBD Isolate Wholesale

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is offering a wide range of beneficial effects to millions of people all over the world. But there are different types of CBD to know about, and one of the most popular forms is CBD isolate.

When shopping for CBD or hemp products to buy or sell, you may notice terms like ‘full spectrum’ or ‘bulk CBD isolate’ being used regularly by manufacturers.

These terms can seem complex and confusing at first glance, especially to those who don’t know much about the CBD industry or are just getting started learning about CBD.

Each term is used to describe a different product; CBD isolate powder wholesale is very different to full spectrum CBD oils, for example, like those sold by Hemp Therapies.

It’s vital to understand the key differences between CBD isolate and the other form of CBD in order to make the right choice when shopping for bulk CBD isolate for sale and marketing your products to customers.

This guide will take a look at what CBD isolate actually is, how it differs from other forms of CBD, what benefits it can provide, and how to get the best CBD isolate wholesale prices too.

What Is CBD Isolate?

Before we take a closer look at finding wholesale CBD isolate, it’s important to understand exactly what this product us and how it differs from other forms of CBD in order to be able to effectively sell it on to customers.

CBD comes in three main forms: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. The unique feature of CBD isolate is that, as the name implies, it’s an isolated form of CBD. This means it only contains CBD, without any other cannabinoids like THC or CBG.

The cannabis sativa plant contains a lot of different cannabinoids and natural chemical compounds, but CBD isolate only focuses on the CBD, ignoring all the other extracts and ingredients in order to provide a pure source of cannabidiol.

It usually comes in the form of an odorless, flavorless, white powder, and it has many advantages. Statistics and market trends show that a lot of people are taking an active interest in CBD isolate, and sellers can see a lot of success from investing in bulk CBD isolate.

The Benefits of CBD Isolate Wholesale

CBD isolate has a distinct set of benefits that help it appeal to many consumers. Full spectrum and broad-spectrum oils, like those offered by Hemp Therapies, also have their advantages, but many people prefer to focus solely on CBD isolate for the following reasons:

  • Purity – CBD isolate, as explained above, is made from nothing but cannabidiol. It doesn’t contain any extra ingredients whatsoever, making it entirely pure and natural. This can be a real advantage in the eyes of many consumers, especially those who have no need for or interest in other cannabinoids or terpenes.
  • Safety – Since CBD isolate is made with just one ingredient, it’s considered very safe overall. People may have sensitivities or experience mild side effects when consuming other cannabinoids, but there’s a lower risk of any issues occurring when taking a product that only contains one simple ingredient.
  • Ease of Use – CBD isolate is arguably one of the easiest options when it comes to taking CBD, since it comes in this flavorless, odorless form. Some CBD oils can be viscous and strong-smelling, making it difficult for some people to use them. Isolate powder, on the other hand, is very easy and comfortable to use.
  • Legality – Since full spectrum oils can contain THC, and THC is a strictly controlled substance in many parts of the world, it can sometimes be legally easier to obtain and use CBD isolate powder over other CBD products. There’s also the fact that since CBD isolate contains no THC, users won’t run the risk of failing any drug tests.

Reasons to Buy Wholesale CBD Isolate

Statistics show that the CBD industry is growing at a rapid rate, so many companies want to join in with this growing trend and buy CBD isolate bulk to share with their own customers. Here are some key reasons to buy bulk CBD isolate:

  • Cost – One of the top reasons to get in touch with a wholesaler is to save money. CBD isolate wholesale prices tend to be much lower than retail prices, and wholesalers will offer big discounts to their loyal clients.
  • Budgeting – Following on from the previous point, if you choose to buy CBD isolate wholesale, you’ll have more money saved to spend elsewhere in your business, like in marketing to raise awareness about your brand and generate new leads.
  • Affordable Shipping – Buying CBD isolate powder bulk can also save you money on shipping. One big order or bulk CBD isolate shipped in one go will be much cheaper overall than buying lots of smaller packages of CBD and having them all posted separately.

What Are the Other Options?

As well as CBD isolate powder, there are two other main CBD types you can choose to buy: broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil.

Broad spectrum CBD oil contains a wide range of other ingredients in addition to CBD, like other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. However, it doesn’t contain any THC.

Full spectrum oil, meanwhile, contains the whole spectrum of ingredients extracted from the hemp plant, including THC.

The advantage of these types of CBD is that they’re believed to be more effective overall than CBD isolate, as the different cannabinoids and terpenes work together to produce an ‘entourage effect’, leading to faster and more effective results in the human body.

You can order high quality full and broad-spectrum CBD oils from Hemp Therapies.


CBD isolate is being used by a lot of people all over the world, helping to alleviate the symptoms and side effects of many conditions and treatments too. Buying CBD isolate wholesale is a good way for new businesses to join the CBD industry and start making their own CBD products or selling CBD isolate on to their customers for a profit.


What do I do with bulk CBD isolate?

One of the main reasons why people buy CBD isolate powder in bulk is to be able to sell it on as part of their own CBD business. You can sell it directly for a profit or use it as an ingredient to make other CBD products like edibles and oils.

Where to buy CBD isolate bulk hemp for sale?

CBD isolate can be purchased in bulk from wholesalers. You can order large quantities of CBD isolate to save money.

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is a white powder made of pure CBD. It can be used to help many people suffering from different illnesses and conditions in order to alleviate their symptoms. It can also be used for those with only mild conditions to improve their quality of life.

Where can I buy CBD oil?

You can order high grade full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil from Hemp Therapies. These products are more potent and faster-acting than pure CBD isolate.

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