CBD Wholesale White Label

Reports and statistics show that the CBD industry is growing at a very impressive rate, with estimates suggesting that it could be worth tens of billions of dollars in the years ahead. With this in mind, more and more entrepreneurs are joining in with the CBD craze, starting up their own businesses and getting in touch with trusted CBD providers. One option available to CBD businesses is white label CBD oil.

Companies hoping to offer CBD products like full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils to their customers typically seek out wholesalers who can offer bulk quantities of these oils at lower than retail prices.

When it comes to negotiating a deal with these companies, you can often choose between white label CBD and private label CBD. This guide will cover the ins and outs of the white label service for CBD oils, as well as how it differs from private label and what benefits it can offer.

What Is CBD White Label?

So, what can CBD white label companies offer? Well, white label, as the name implies, means that the wholesaler you contact will provide you with a shipment of products that are essentially blank, without any labels or branding whatsoever.

This leaves you free to design, create, and print your own labels and branding at your leisure, using your own in-house art and design teams, along with any in-house or exterior print services you want to use for the labels.

Hemp Therapies is an example of one of the many white label CBD companies out there, offering white label wholesale deals in addition to its private label services too.

Benefits of White Label CBD Products

Many start-ups and established brands too are choosing to opt for CBD bulk white label cannabis, and it’s easy to understand why. There are a lot of benefits to this kind of service, including the following:

  • Simplicity – One of the key benefits of choosing to contact white label CBD manufacturers is that it’s often much simpler for companies to handle their own branding and label printing, rather than putting in the hands of another company that it might not have worked with before.
  • Affordability – Often, the price of working with a white label CBD company or choosing white label products is much cheaper than the price of private label products. It takes off the cost of printing, design, and other services too, leaving you with a much lower fee to pay in the long run, and then you can work out your own budget for labels and branding later on.
  • Freedom – Another key advantage of opting for wholesale CBD products white label is that they give you the freedom to make your own labels in your own time, allowing you to make more changes to the design if it’s not quite ready or play around with different options later on, rather than having to stick to one design and confirm it.

Reasons to Buy American White Label CBD Wholesale

There are a lot of key reasons to choose white label CBD tincture and other white label CBD offerings, and there are also plenty of big benefits for businesses when it comes to buying in bulk from a wholesaler too.

  • Savings – Buying wholesale full-spectrum CBD salve white label lets you save a lot of money. Wholesale prices tend to be much lower than retail costs, as they cut out the middleman, allowing suppliers to offer you big discounts and you to get a stronger ROI.
  • Shipping – Shipping is a lot simpler too when you choose to buy wholesale, as large orders can be shipped in one massive delivery for a single flat fee, rather than having to pay lots of individual costs for separate orders.
  • Options – Many of the best white label CBD companies, like Hemp Therapies, also offer a range of different products for businesses to buy wholesale. Options may include broad spectrum oil, full spectrum oil, and isolate powders.

How to Find White Label CBD Manufacturers?

If you choose to place a white label order of CBD oils and hemp products, it’s important that you choose a provider you can trust.

The CBD industry is still relatively new and unregulated, opening the door for scammers and unscrupulous businesses to sell low-grade, unverified products.

This means that a lot of new start-ups, in particular, can fall victim to scams, mistakenly investing in low quality CBD oils that won’t satisfy their customers.

In order to succeed in the CBD industry and give your business the best chances, you should always opt for a verified white label CBD provider.

Verified CBD products are independently tested for quality and safety, and verification is always a good sign that a provider can be trusted.

Hemp Therapies offers verified, high quality CBD oils in both white label and private label for wholesale deliveries.


Choosing a white label wholesaler is a great way to save money while still getting high quality CBD products and then being able to customize and brand them yourself later on. Just make sure if you go down this road that you find a verified provider, like Hemp Therapies, to avoid wasting your money on low grade goods.


What is white label CBD?

ite label CBD is when a CBD wholesaler provides you with blank bottles or packages of CBD oils and products, without any branding or labels. You can choose to add the labels yourself later.

Why should I choose white label?

White label CBD can be a good option for new businesses wanting to save money. It can also be a convenient and simple choice for established brands that prefer to do printing and branding in-house.

Where can I find white label CBD?

You can order white label CBD products direct from Hemp Therapies on this site. Hemp Therapies also offers private label CBD oils too.

Are all wholesalers reliable?

No, unfortunately, there are some scammers and less trusted wholesalers out there. For this reason, it’s wise to always choose a verified, trusted wholesaler, like Hemp Therapies.

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