Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular around the world, prescribed and recommended by leading medical experts and used by millions of people to soothe their symptoms and improve their quality of life. However, general knowledge regarding CBD oil is still lacking, leading to many misconceptions.

Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil

In the same that there have always been many misconceptions about marijuana, these days there are also a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to CBD products too.

A lot of people associate the cannabis sativa plant with illegal, recreational drug use, so whenever they hear about CBD or hemp products, they tend to think of similar associations, which are actually false.

More people are beginning to educate themselves regarding what CBD Oil actually is and what benefits it can offer, and it’s important to raise general awareness in order to bust some of the myths regarding CBD and allow more people to enjoy its benefits.

CBD Common Misconceptions

Let’s take a closer look at 20 common misconceptions about marijuana and CBD oil, focusing purely on the facts and evidence to bust these myths and get to the truth.

  1. CBD and Marijuana Are the Same – Many misconceptions of marijuana have overflowed into the CBD industry too, and some people actually assume that CBD and marijuana are basically the same things, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Authentic CBD oil is always extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana, so there are almost no real links between the two.
  2. CBD Oil Can Make You High – Many people also make the mistake of thinking that CBD oil can make you feel ‘high’ in the same way as recreational cannabis. Even though some CBD oil contains THC, they only contain very small amounts, so can’t create any serious psychoactive effects whatsoever.
  3. All CBD Oils Are the Same – This is one of the most serious misconceptions when it comes to CBD oils. Whether you’re buying wholesale CBD products or an individual bottle of CBD oil, it’s important to note that there are big differences from one product to the next. It’s important to choose trusted providers like Hemp Therapies.
  4. CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Are the Same – These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, which can lead to a lot of confusion, but CBD oil and hemp oil are very different. Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is made from hemp seeds and doesn’t contain any CBD at all.
  5. CBD Can Make You Fail A Drug Test – This one is a little bit of a gray area. Some CBD oils, like full spectrum CBD oil, can contain THC, leading to the possibility of a failed drug test in certain situations. However, broad spectrum and CBD isolate options don’t contain any THC so won’t fail these kinds of tests.
  6. CBD Can Only Be Smoked – One of the CBD fun facts everyone should know is that you don’t need to smoke or vape this oil. You can drop it directly onto the space below your tongue, or you can even cook it into different foods and drinks. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil.
  7. CBD Is Only for Ill People – CBD oil can certainly help very ill and sick people dealing with all kinds of diseases and disorders. However, it can be helpful for those with only mild issues like work-related stress, sleeping problems, or backaches, for example. It can help out in a lot of different ways.
  8. CBD Takes a Long Time to Work – Another of the facts about CBD oil you should know is that it doesn’t need hours and hours to start working. In many cases, it can be absorbed into the bloodstream in a matter of minutes and start having effects in just half an hour to an hour.
  9. There’s No Scientific Evidence for CBD – Many non-believers of CBD like to state that there’s no scientific evidence or studies behind it, but there have actually been many studies and a lot of research, dating back several decades, into the effectiveness of CBD for treating several conditions like cancer and arthritis.
  10. CBD Is Only for Adults – Another of the many facts about CBD is that it isn’t only prescribed for adults. Doctors may also recommend younger users to try CBD too to help with different conditions, from cancer and other chronic diseases to serious anxiety issues, and more.
  11. CBD Is Only for Humans – CBD isn’t just for people. It can also be given to our furry friends too. Cats and dogs are being given CBD oil on a regular basis, and it can help with a wide range of pet problems. CBD oil may help to calm down aggressive or anxious animals, while also assisting with pain relief and mobility support for older pets.
  12. CBD Can Convert to THC – One common myth about CBD is that it can transform to THC if left for a while or when entering the human body. Again, this simply isn’t true. Research has proven that even after consumption, CBD will not transform into THC.
  13. CBD without THC is Best – Many people are worried about the risks of THC, but it’s important to know that verified full spectrum CBD oils, like those offered by Hemp Therapies, only contain trace amounts of THC. They won’t get you high or pose any serious risks, and in small quantities, THC can be very beneficial for health too.
  14. CBD Is a Sedative – One of the rare, minor side effects of CBD is that it can make people feel a little sleepier and it may be used to help with sleep disorders like insomnia. However, it is not powerful enough to be classed as a sedative.
  15. CBD Can Cure Illnesses – CBD can be an effective complementary treatment for many different illnesses like cancer and Parkinson’s, but so far, no studies have shown that it actually acts as a direct cure for any disease.
  16. CBD Is Addictive – Since marijuana and other recreational drugs are famed for their addictive properties, many people fear something similar with CBD. Again, research has shown that CBD is not addictive.
  17. CBD Is Illegal – This really depends on where you live. CBD is not illegal in every country and region. The laws vary from place to place.
  18. THC Is Unhealthy – In large doses, THC could be considered unhealthy as it poses a risk of certain side effects like liver damage and paranoia. However, in small, controlled quantities, like those found in Hemp Therapies full spectrum CBD oil, it’s actually very healthy.
  19. CBD Oil Has Big Side Effects – Most people who take CBD oil experience no side effects whatsoever. There’s only a very small chance of minor side effects like increased appetite and fatigue.
  20. CBD Is a Scam – Some people believe that because of all the myths and associations with marijuana and CBD that the whole industry is a scam. However, there is plenty of scientific and anecdotal evidence to show the effectiveness of cannabidiol.


It’s very important to separate the CBD oil facts and myths from one another. There are still a lot of mistakes, false ideas, and general misconceptions regarding this particular product, leading to many people missing out on its benefits. By raising awareness and breaking down the misconceptions, we can help to make CBD oil more accessible and improve more lives.


What are some common misconceptions about CBD oil?

There are many misconceptions associated with CBD oil. Some people think the industry is a scam or fear that the oil could get them high or act as a sedative.

Is CBD oil safe?

Yes, CBD oil has been classed as a safe product by leading health organizations like the WHO. It’s important, however, to buy from verified brands like Hemp Therapies.

Will CBD oil make me high?

No, it’s impossible for CBD oil to make someone high, even in large quantities. It doesn’t contain sufficient amounts of THC.

Are there any side effects of CBD oil?

There is a minor chance of some simple side effects like diarrhea or fatigue. However, most people experience no side effects whatsoev

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