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Plants and Mother Nature can offer so many benefits to mankind, and we’ve seen examples of this happening time and time again. From the discovery of penicillin to the development of plant-based natural remedies, useful daily products, and skincare solutions too, humans have harnessed the powers of plants and nature for many years.

Cannabis is another example of a plant that we’ve seen with a whole range of different uses. Medical marijuana is now being more frequently used than ever before, all over the world, and special varieties of marijuana known as hemp plants are being grown to produce CBD products like CBD oil and more.

It’s inspiring to see how plants can be of such great use to humanity, and yet so many species go underutilized or appreciated. Fortunately, there are organizations out there, like Crops for the Future, focused specifically on those undervalued and overlooked plant species, working tirelessly to bring their benefits into the public eye and help them take on entire new roles in our society.

Crops for the Future

Crops for the Future is an organization dedicated to the promotion of neglected and underused plant species for positive purposes that can help humanity. Building on the foundations laid down by its previous incarnation as the International Centre for Underutilised Crops and the Global Facilitation Unit for Underutilized Species, Crops for the Future has four main methods of action: 

  • It examines the full spectrum of underused species, including both food and non-food plants and crops. 
  • It investigates ways in which these crops can be processed, marketed, and used more effectively across the globe. 
  • It acts as both an initiator and a facilitator, inspiring other organizations, entities, and individuals to carry out research and development in the field of neglected plant species. 
  • It works to enhance regional, national, and global efforts to raise awareness of underused plants, partnering with different organizations and institutions across the Earth.

In essence, Crops for the Future acts as a caretaker for the many plant species that most people aren’t even aware of. But what drives this organization? Well, the workers and organizers involved with Crops for the Future have three main goals in mind: 

  • The first goal of Crops for the Future is focused on building up the world’s knowledge of underutilized crops and plants, focusing on highlighting the potential benefits and uses of these plants, such as their value for nutrition, health, and so on. 
  • The second primary goal of Crops for the Future is focused on identify and promoting balanced policies that don’t discriminate against underutilized crops based on their species. 
  • The third and final strategic aim of Crops for the Future is to foster capacity building for underutilized crops.

This independent organization is based out of Semenyih in Malaysia, but is very much an international organization, and when we think about the incredible benefits afforded to us by plants and crops, it’s clear to see that CFF has important work at hand.


Cannabis and marijuana would not appear on CFF’s list of underutilized species, as these plants are becoming more popular than ever before as part of the growing CBD and hemp product industry.

As more knowledge is gained on the naturally occurring chemical compounds of cannabis plants, such as THC and cannabidiol, major developments have taken place regarding the cultivation and growth of these plants.

CBD oil is now an increasingly popular product, with the likes of full spectrum CBD oil being sold by leading brands like Hemp Therapies and used for various purposes, with studies ongoing and looking at how cannabis interacts with human systems and produces certain effects.

From CBD wholesale private label and CBD wholesale white label companies to new startups focused on the production and distribution of CBD products, there are many ways in which the cannabis plant can be used and appreciated.


When it comes to organizations focused on raising awareness of the uses, values, and very existences of underutilized crops and plants, Crops for the Future is one of the leading lights. For many years, since its founding in 2009, the organization has worked to raise awareness and help new plants to grow and prosper, proving that it’s worth giving a second glance to some of the world’s most overlooked plants.


What is Crops for the Future?

Crops for the Future is an independent organization focused on promoting and facilitating the use of neglected or underutilized crops.

Can I buy CBD oil with Crops for the Future?

No, Crops for the Future is an organization focused on advocacy, promotion, and awareness. It doesn’t buy or sell crops or plant products like CBD oil wholesale, instead being focused on raising awareness of different plants.

When was Crops for the Future founded?

Crops for the Future was founded in 2009. It is based in Malaysia but operates worldwide.

What is the mission of Crops for the Future?

CFF works together in partnership with other organizations and institutions across the world, seeking to increase the knowledge of neglected crops, raise awareness of their benefits, help them get more widespread usage, and push for policies that don’t discriminate against crop diversity.

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