Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs

CBD oil doesn’t just benefit humans; it can also be used in our furry friends, being of great aid to dogs who are suffering from different physical and mental issues. Many pet owners are considering giving CBD oil to their dogs but want to know all about the details and any potential side effects first.

CBD oil is famed around the world for its beneficial qualities to humans, and there’s a growing interest in CBD products for animals too, with increasing numbers of holistic veterinarians and pet owners worldwide turning to CBD oil to help their animal companions.

While there haven’t been too many studies or too much research into this particular area, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD oil can help cats and dogs in some big ways and works pretty similarly in these animals to the way it does in humans.

For the uninitiated, CBD Oil is a product made from industrial hemp plants. The cannabinoid known as cannabidiol is extracted from the plants, along with other cannabinoids and natural compounds, creating a healthy, extract.

It works the same way in dogs, and it can be used to help dogs suffering from a range of medical problems like arthritis, cancer, recurring pain, and even anxiety too. But one of the big questions many dog owners have to ask is: are there any CBD oil side effects in dogs?

Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs

In humans, we know that CBD oil can sometimes produce a few minor side effects, but what about dogs? Are there any CBD side effects in dogs? Well, there hasn’t been a lot of research into this particular area, but millions of dog owners worldwide are making use of CBD products for their pets. Here are the side effects in dogs taking CBD that we’re aware of:

  • Drowsiness – Just like with humans taking CBD, one of the CBD oil side effects in dogs can be fatigue or drowsiness. One of the main effects of CBD is its ability to calm down dogs and soothe stress or anxiety. This can lead to a state of being more tired, so it’s possible that a dog might take a little nap shortly after consuming CBD oil, but this product is not strong enough to be regarded as a sedative and only has a mild effect.
  • Dryness in the Mouth – Another one of the possible CBD oil side effects in dogs is dryness in the mouth. CBD has been scientifically linked to a slowing down in saliva production, and this can lead to a dog’s mouth getting quite dry, which may simply lead to them drinking a little extra water. Again, just like with drowsiness, this is only a minor side effect and won’t cause a pet any particular stress or pain.
  • Blood Pressure – The CBD side effects on dogs are relatively minor in general. However, when compared to the others, one of the worse side effects of CBD oil in dogs is the possibility of lower blood pressure. This only usually occurs when a particularly high dosage is given to a dog, and it’s only temporary, but it could cause issues for dogs that have pre-existing blood pressure or heart issues.

The vast majority of dog owners using CBD report no bad side effects of CBD oil for dogs at all. Most dogs consume this product without any notable issues whatsoever, and even those who show side effects only tend to have a little tiredness or an increase in thirst, with many dog owners saying that the pros of the product far outweigh these small risks.

How to Reduce the Risks of CBD Oil for Dogs Side Effects

CBD oil can offer a lot of different benefits for dogs. It can improve the quality of life for both dogs and their owners quite a lot, so many dog owners are keen to give this product to their pets, but still a little cautious about the potential of side effects. Here are some ways you can minimize the risk of side effects of CBD oil for dogs.

  • Dosage – Always make sure you give your dog the right dosage of CBD oil. Too much CBD could raise the risks of side effects occurring. Studies are ongoing into the side effects of too much CBD oil in dogs.
  • Organic – Choosing organic CBD oil is a great way to minimize the risks of any issues, as it will be made from pure, natural ingredients only, without any unnecessary additives or toxins that could interfere with your dog’s health.
  • Trusted Provider – There are a lot of scammers and unscrupulous sellers out there, so be sure to buy from a provider you can trust, like Hemp Therapies.
  • Price – It’s important to stick to your budget, but don’t focus purely on price. Many scammers can trick people into buying lower grade CBD oil at lower prices, but it won’t be very effective and could have negative effects.
  • Ingredients – Check the list of ingredients for anything suspicious. The best CBD oils, like those providers by Hemp Therapies, should only include pure, natural, organic ingredients, without extras.
  • Verified – To avoid side effects to watch for in dogs on CBD oil, always buy from a verified provider who submits their products for independent testing, like Hemp Therapies. Verified products are a sign of quality.
  • Liquid – It’s possible to find CBD treats for dog’s side effects, but choosing liquid CBD oil is usually the best option as you’ll be able to clearly see the ingredients and easily mix it in with your dog’s food in the correct dose.


More research and studies are required into how CBD oil works in dogs and what kind of side effects of too much CBD oil in dogs we should watch out for. For now, we know that it can help with many different conditions and soothe a lot of suffering, but it’s important for dog owners to know about the possible side effects and choose quality products to give to their furry friends.


What are the side effects of CBD oil in dogs?

The side effects in dogs from taking CBD oil can include drowsiness, dry mouth, and lower blood pressure. These effects are relatively minor and temporary.

How long does CBD oil side effects last in dogs?

Any side effects from CBD oil should subside within a few hours. Most dog owners report no notable side effects.

How much CBD oil for dogs?

The right dosage of CBD oil will depend on the size of the dog, the concentration of the product, and the kind of condition that is being treated. A dosage calculator can help you work out the right amount.

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs?

You can shop for high quality CBD oil from Hemp Therapies directly on this site. Hemp Therapies is a trusted provider of verified CBD products.

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