Wholesale Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been proven to be a highly beneficial cannabinoid for the human body, interacting with the endocannabinoid system to produce an array of astonishing effects. CBD can offer a wide range of benefits to every consumer, so it’s no surprise that the CBD industry is growing fast and a lot of new companies are looking for full spectrum CBD oil wholesale.

There are three main types of CBD out there: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. When shopping for CBD in bulk, it’s important to understand the differences between these three products and make the right decisions when searching for a wholesaler you can trust.

Full spectrum CBD wholesale is very different from broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. It offers unique advantages, aspects, and potential effects for both human and animal consumption. If you’re interested in buying bulk full spectrum CBD oil, read on for all you need to know.

What Is Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil Wholesale?

The cannabis sativa plant doesn’t just contain cannabidiol (CBD). It also contains many other cannabinoids, with over 100 already identified in total, like THC, CBN, and CBG, along with terpenes too, which help to give CBD oils and hemp plants their distinctive aroma and flavor.

Full spectrum CBD oil preserves this wide range of ingredients, packing them all into one simple product. With full spectrum oil, everything is extracted from the plant, including all of the known cannabinoids and the terpenes too, along with other essential plant oils.

This results in a pure and potent product that can offer a lot of benefits to users, and many people believe that full spectrum oil is the most effective and fastest acting overall.

For this reason, when shopping for CBD oil, a lot of people will prioritize high grade full spectrum oils, like those offered by Hemp Therapies, as they want to enjoy the very best possible effects from the product.

This is just one reason why you might like to take an interest in buying full spectrum CBD oil bulk.

The Benefits of CBD Full Spectrum Wholesale

There are many advantages associated with full spectrum CBD oils, like those provided by Hemp Therapies, including:

  • Purity – Many experts argue that full spectrum CBD is the purest kind, as it takes all of the different ingredients from the hemp plant, without leaving anything behind, allowing people to get the full hemp experience.
  • Potency – Studies have shown that full spectrum CBD oil is arguably the most potent kind. The ‘entourage’ effect of cannabinoids and terpenes working together helps to produce fast, rapid effects.
  • Variety – Full spectrum CBD oil can be consumed and used in a wide range of ways. It can be dropped below the tongue, added to recipes and drinks, or inhaled with a vaporizer too.

Reasons to Buy CBD Bulk Full Spectrum

Market trends show that the CBD industry is growing at an exponential rate, with some estimates suggesting it could be worth over $20 billion in the next few years alone. This is one of the best times to join up with the industry and buy full spectrum CBD dabs in bulk at great prices. Here are just some reasons to buy:

  • Affordable – The wholesale full spectrum CBD Oil price is typically much lower than the average retail price, so companies can make great savings by opting for wholesale rather than retail. Money saved can be used in other areas of your business.
  • Demand – The demand for high grade, organic, full spectrum CBD oils, like those offered by Hemp Therapies, has never been higher. More and more people want to enjoy this product, and new start-ups can see serious ROIs from choosing to buy in bulk.
  • Shipping – Buying wholesale allows you to save massively on shipping too. You can even consider negotiating a drop shipping deal with your chosen supplier where they deliver direct to your clients to save more money.

How to Find Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Sale Wholesale

Many new and established businesses might find themselves searching for high quality, full spectrum CBD oil in bulk. Here are some key things to bear in mind:

  • Price – Obviously, budgeting is a big factor of importance for any business, so it’s key to find a company that can offer you high quality full spectrum oil at fair, reasonable prices, allowing you to enjoy a good ROI.
  • Quality – This is perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind when looking for wholesale CBD of any kind. It’s vital to choose a company that can provide you with high quality products, as CBD quality levels can vary massively. Some less scrupulous brands will sell low grade CBD or diluted, ineffective products.
  • Verification – Another key aspect to bear in mind is verification. The best CBD wholesalers, like Hemp Therapies, are always verified. This means that they send their products off for third party, independent testing in order to prove their quality and purity. A verified seller is always the best choice when shopping for CBD in bulk.
  • Reputation – You should also take reputation of each brand into account and try to find a company that is well-known for being trustworthy and reliable. There are a lot of shady dealers throughout the CBD industry, as well as scammers that have to be avoided.
  • Provenance – You may also want to consider where a company is based and where it gets its ingredients from. Some hemp plants can be grown in less controlled areas of the world, leading to heavy metals and toxins finding their way into the oil. Hemp Therapies grows its hemp and produces its oils in the US.


Full spectrum CBD oil is having a positive effect on the lives of many people around the world. It can make a real difference to everyone from elderly cancer patients looking for a better quality of life to cope with their treatment to those dealing with stress and anxiety from their working lives. Buying wholesale full spectrum CBD oil is a great way to break into the CBD industry and share this product with more people.


What do I do with bulk full spectrum CBD oil?

Buying wholesale full spectrum CBD oil allows you to sell it on for a profit to your own customers, typically with your own branding and labels. You may also choose to use it as an ingredient in other CBD products, like edibles.

Where to buy CBD full spectrum in bulk?

Full spectrum CBD oil can be purchased directly from this site. Hemp Therapies offers a wholesale program for interested businesses.

What is full spectrum CBD oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil is a type of CBD oil that contains all of the different cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the hemp plant. It provides a range of beneficial effects and is said to be the fastest-acting kind of CBD oil.

Where can I buy CBD oil?

You can order high grade full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil directly on this site from Hemp Therapies. These products can be purchased in bulk or in smaller quantities, as desired.

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