CBD Growing in Popularity

Statistics show that the CBD oil industry is becoming bigger and more valuable with every passing day. As new studies and research unveil additional benefits of this remarkable natural compound, demand is rising for hemp and CBD products across the globe.

For a long time, the cannabis sativa plant was mostly associated with recreational drug use, but in recent years, we’ve seen the plant being cast in a completely different light. Nowadays, when people talk about cannabis, they’re often talking about its health and wellness benefits.

The rise of CBD popularity is all thanks to a little chemical compound called cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, commonly shortened to CBD, is a cannabinoid that naturally grows as part of the cannabis sativa plant.

It exists alongside more than a hundred other cannabinoids, and it can be extracted through various processes from the hemp or marijuana plant to produce CBD oil products.

CBD oil is being prescribed and recommended by doctors, vets, and other medical experts across the globe. With such amazing benefits and only a slight chance of minor side effects too, it’s clear to see why CBD popularity and CBD industry growth are seeing gigantic surges all over the world.

CBD Oil Industry Growth

Not too long ago, the CBD oil industry was only just beginning, but now, it’s a major player in the world of health and wellness.

CBD industry growth has been phenomenal in recent years. In 2019 alone, the US CBD market saw rises of over 700%, while the pet CBD market also increased by over 900% between 2018 and 2019.

CBD trends 2020-2021 make for exciting reading for industry insiders too, with sales of CBD Oil and hemp products predicted to continue their meteoric rise in the years to come.

The industry itself is estimated to be worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide in the next few years alone, making CBD billion-dollar industry one to watch.

CBD trends also show that not only is the market growing, but it’s also expanding, with many more new products coming out for users to try.

From high quality full spectrum CBD oils like those provided by Hemp Therapies to additional CBD oil products like CBD-infused foods, drinks, and pet treats, there are more ways for people to enjoy CBD than ever before.

As the range of products becomes greater, CBD market trends indicate that more and more people will start to take an active interest in CBD and what it has to offer.

What’s more, CBD user demographics are becoming increasingly broad and varied. In the past, these products were only being used by certain niches of the population.

However, statistics regarding the latest CBD oil user demographics show that people of different ages, genders, and walks of life are all taking an interest in CBD products.

We’re also seeing the hemp market continue to grow alongside CBD, with many more hemp products in stores and on shelves, including hemp clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and more.

What Makes the CBD Oil Industry So Successful?

CBD trends show increasing interest and major spending on CBD oils and the best CBD products, like full spectrum and broad-spectrum oils from Hemp Therapies, but what has made this industry such a big hit?

Well, experts argue that the rise in popularity of CBD oil products is strongly associated with the general word of mouth and raising awareness levels regarding what CBD actually is, how it works, and what kinds of benefits it has to offer.

CBD can offer a lot of benefits to each user, and it’s famed for its versatility too, being equally useful for treating both mental and physical health conditions, disorders, and diseases.

Here are just some of the key factors that are contributing to rising CBD sales statistics around the US and many other parts of the world:

  • Legality – In recent years, as scientists and researchers have discovered more about the medical benefits offered by CBD, lawmakers and authorities in many parts of the world have begun to take a more relaxed stance regarding the usage and sale of cannabidiol. As laws are eased, the industry is allowed to grow further through rising sales.
  • Diversity – Another big benefit of the CBD industry is the sheer range of CBD oil products people can buy nowadays. From CBD isolate powders to Hemp Therapies full spectrum oils, as well as CBD-infused cold brews, foods, pet remedies, and more, there are lots of different ways to give CBD a try and see what it has to offer.


Market trends and statistical analysis of the CBD industry show that it’s growing at an incredible rate, and it’s easy to see why. With CBD helping so many people and proving to be such a potent natural remedy, the only way is up for this remarkable chemical compound and its associated products.


How big is the CBD industry?

Financial experts suggest that the global CBD industry is valued at over $9 billion in 2020. Estimates sugge
st that it can grow to around $20 billion in the next 5-10 years.

What are CBD products?

CBD products are any products that are made or infused with the cannabidiol (CBD). These products can include oils, like Hemp Therapies full and broad-spectrum oils, as well as CBD isolate and CBD-infused foods.

How to choose CBD products?

There are many different CBD products out there, so you have to choose carefully. It’s important to choose a trusted, verified provider, like Hemp Therapies, to be sure of safety and quality.

Where to buy CBD products near me?

You can order CBD products directly online from this site. Hemp Therapies is a leading provider of high-grade CBD oils.

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